Taylor, 21 .
I’m so blessed ! I couldn’t be more happier . I held my life in my arms, the day I been waiting for . my 9lb 3oz baby ! He’s everything I wanted & more . I love you mijo<3 Luca Gabriel Valenzuela<3 #mylove #lucagabrielvalenzuela #myson #myworld
Its crazy…

A year ago I never would’ve thought I’d be at the point of my life i’m in right now . last year consisted of me drinking, smoking, & poppin them foeeezzzz damn near every night . now I’m about to have a baby tomorrow . my son wasn’t planned AT ALL, but I don’t regret that I’m about to be a mom one bit . I’m ready for the responsibility, the love, & everything being a parent has to offer . I’m ready to finally meet him, love on him & hold him . I’m so blessed that God gave me the opportunity to experience something so beautiful . I don’t miss the life I was living one bit.. I was covering up sadness . I still deal with my depression, but obviously being pregnant I’ve had to learn to deal with it differently . I would never put harm on my son & his health, so obviously I quit everything . & as hard as it was not to self harm like I would before, I never did . & I’m still gonna try to fight it after I have him . cuz even before I got pregnant it was awhile that I haven’t . so why mess up now… but anyways… My son has brought me out of my darkness even though he’s not here yet . so I can only imagine what other joy he’s gonna bring being born . I love him already, & I’m so excited for what the future has planned for him & I . I’m being induced tonight . & having my water broke & the rest of the process tomorrow, & he will be here :) I cannot wait… So nervous but very excited at the same time . im trying to mentally prepare myself…but i dont even know how to think of everything thats about to happen . i just pray my son is healthy & strong .

I’m ready my love, let’s begin this journey together as mother & son . I’m always going to be here for you, never will I ever let you down . you’re always going to be able to count on me . thank you for bringing me happiness, I’m so very blessed . I love you already Luca Gabriel Valenzuela . you are my world . my son